Our skin needs nutrients, moisture and fats to unfold all of its capacity. True well being of the skin can be achieved providing raw materials that are close to it, which nourishes it and stimulates to produce all the substances the skin itself needs. Thus, the skin kann live, respire and protect us.


  •     Products for care, cleanse, massage and well being

  •     Production according to Cosmetic Products B33 (Austrian Food Code)

  •     Use of natural raw materials, mainly from organic farming

  •     Quality products for single persons having skin issues

  •     Quality products for business and private labels


Our products are hand made in our own manufactory from natural raw materials, which are mainly from organic farming,


   We offer a unique service in the range of cosmetics production: Individual natural cosmetics, that is personally made for you.


You can find with us product lines for cosmetics and massage business, as wells as hotel business or private labels.

sustainable no microplastic no toxins

Feel good in a healthy skin and a natural environment

Our environment needs carful treatment, in order for the earth to stay or in some parts become again a livable place for humankind. This need for carefulness applies to our body as well. It is in our hands to strike the right path with appropriate food and consumer habits.

Here is an example: Microplastics has already found its way into our cometic products, yet we do not have long term studies about what damage it causes to our skin. What we definitely know is, that microplastics used in cometics ends up in the sewage water where it soaks up toxins. These toxic plastic particles are then eaten by small organisms and those in turn by bigger organisms. Lastly, microplastics ends up in the fish supposed to be a meal on our dinner table.

Thus, we can accomplish a valuable contribution for ourselves and our environment using sustainable, natural cosmetic products caring and cleansing skin and hair.

Environmental protection and sustainability - an important concern in our manufactory.

Perfect care

Natural creames and serums give your skin a treat with agents from medicinal plants and nurturing oils.

Gentle cleanse

   All our cleansing products contain natural surfactants. These are made from sugar cane and coconut oil.

Effective massage

New massage oils for different practices and therapies help to bring massages to perfection.