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Angati NaturElement GmbH - Aurikelweg 54 House 2, 1220 Vienna, Austria
Graduate cosmetics manufacturer

Company type: Manufacturing of cosmetic products


Company registration number:    FN 552321 m / Handelsgericht Wien

VATS registration number:           ATU72513345


Phone: +43 (0)650 2 831 831



Member of: WKOE

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Abstract of terms and conditions:

§ 9 Data protection

The employees of Angati OG respect the non-disclosure agreements of the EU data security legislation.

Customers acknowledge that the use of personal data provided for a contract may be recorded and processed for the purpose of accounting and evidence. The data is used to comply with legal regulations and for payment transactions only. Customer data is not provided to third parties in general, except it is necessary for the contract management.

The customer agrees to be informed about services and products from Angati OG (events, publications, etc.) via e-mail. The customer can withdraw from this agreement at any time.


§ 10 Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

This contract is bound to Austrian material law excluding the Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

If the customer is the consumer, then this contract is bound to the legal regulations of the country that is the customer's habitual residence.

In case of legal disputes the legal court in A-1220 Vienna is responsible only. If the customer is a consumer as defined by the

Austrian Consumer Protection Law (KSchG), the legal court that belongs to the habitual residence or the place of employment is responsible for legal disputes.

The place of jurisdiction and the place of fulfillment of this contract is Vienna, Austria.