100 % hand made

Our products are stirred, bottled and packaged by hand with a lot of love. They can be combined in many ways and easily applied. We guarantee an orderly quality assurance with a diligent and professional manufacturing. 

100 % energy

We energize our products according to the matter to be adressed to achieve additional positive effects for the skin, situation and well being.

100% nature

We use only natural raw materials for our products, mainly from organic and sustainable farming. Most of our products are vegan by nature and if requested we can substitute animal based materials (beeswax and honey) by plant based material.

100 % voluntarily

Testing our products is a personal matter in that we exclusively test on ourselves or on volunteering people. The basis of this trust in such a test practice is established by completely omitting any synthetic incredients for our products.



We made a conscious decision not to certify our products to have private labels, because we know that a private label is no guarantee for the actually used incredients.

Instead, we have set up our own strict product guidelines and we use the spare money for further improvements of our products as well as offer them for an even fairer price.

Quality standards

We have the highest quality standard demands on our products and pick materials accordingly. As far as possible we use only natural raw materials for our products, mainly from organic and sustainable farming. The Austrian law for natural cosmetics is the strictest worldwide and we successfully adjust our own product guidelines to meet the regulations given by the Austrian Food Code (Cosmetic Products B33) by every day that passes.

Fresh manufactoring

We produce our cosmetics with a lot of love and true hand crafting using natural materials and procedures. Our products are basically vegan, with the exception of some with honey and beeswax. If requested, we can substitute even these by plant based materials like cacao butter and berry fruit wax.

As our products are made demand-driven and fresh, we ask you for a timely reservation and some days patience.

We hope that you become as enthusiastic about our products as our existing customers are already.

Important information about shelf-life!

We recommend to consume opened products within two to three months. Our products have a longer shelf-life if they are kept in a cool place. Please keep in mind that our products are hand crafted and not a result of mass production by machines.

Natural preservatives are effective in general, but have a shorter expiration date as opposed to synthetic preservatives.


Our natural cosmetics are composed of plant based substances and fats which are closer to our skin and metabolism than any synthetically produced ones. Natural substances are absorbed by our skin without any aids like beauty rollers or alike.