Skin Care




A wholesome skin care encompasses all areas of skin, as well as different, appropriate products. Areas of sensitive skin, like the skin of our eyelids, need a different care than the skin of our feet, which although more stressed, are less cared for. There are various types of care products to satisfy all areas of our skin: Cream, ointment, fluid, serum and balsam.

A well-tended skin not only protects from environmental influences, but is also an expression of our personaliy. If we mind enviromental friendly thinking and action, it is obvious to also include what is closest to us: Our skin.

We dedicate our products mainly to the dry skin in all its variants.
Our facial cremes, moisturising fluids, hand cremes, feet butters, body balms in diverse compositions meet the needs of our skin and provide the natural substances it needs.

Optimal care for your skin

Find out what and how much your skin really needs: A suitable face cream, a moisturising fluid, a hand cream without perfume? You can get the answers as well as appropriate products in our nature cosmetics practice.